Protocol: Endotracheal Medications

Original Effective Date: 01/01/2001 | Revised Date: 01/01/2002 | Reviewed 01/25/16



Medications may be administered via endotracheal tube when IV access is not available or delayed. IV route is preferred.

  1. Medications to be given via endotracheal tube should be given using the following procedure:
    1. Stop / disconnect artificial ventilation (BVM or Ventilator)
    2. Stop CPR compressions briefly (if being performed)
    3. Inject the appropriate medications into the ETT
    4. Quickly re-attach appropriate device and ventilate patient.
    5. Quickly resume CPR if appropriate.


  1. Medications that may be given via ETT and their appropriate doses are:

    Naloxone0.4-4.0 mg0.01 mg/kg up to 2.0 mg
    Atropine1.0 mg0.02 mg/kg diluted 3-5cc
    Epinephrine2.0 mg0.1 mg(0.1cc)/kg
    Lidocaine2X IV dose2X IV Dose
    Diazepam2X IV dose2X IV Dose

  2. Add Normal Saline for dilution of medication:
    1. Adults: Total 10cc's
    2. Pediatic: Total 5cc's

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